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Project Description

I dare you to say she looks like she had a facelift! It happens all the
time . At events, people come up to me and say “Dr. Reagan, why do
women always look like they had work done?” The answer is of course,
when done well, patients don’t look done! This is a very pleasant 58
yr old woman who just wanted to look a little better or “more rested”.
I performed a Face/neck lift, endoscopic browlift, upper and lower
eyelift surgery. Notice the tired look and the extra skin in the jowl
and neck region. After surgery she looks great….and natural! Her
incisions are nearly invisible, even behind the ears. And the
posterior hairline matches up without that telltale step off.
Patients with less time to recover can consider the Trinity Lift: a
miniface-lift approach that combines a miniface-lift, lasers, and fat
grafting. So don’t be afraid of looking “overdone”, just choose the
right surgeon who will do it right!

Project Details