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Project Description

The Question often arises, “When is abdominal liposuction enough, and when is an Abdominoplasty necessary?”  The answer lies in the quality and amount of extra skin.  With liposuction. we rely on the skin to retract after removal of the fat.  This may take many months to reveal the final results.  But if the skin is of poor quality (stretch marks), and there is excessive skin with bulging of the muscles, then an abdominoplasty is going to be the best option.  This is a 38 yr female who has had 3 children. She is unhappy with her abdomen and refuses to wear a bikini.  She underwent an abdominoplasty.  The results are after 3 months.  Notice the scar hidden below the garment and the natural-looking belly button.  Needless to say, she is back on the beach  rocking a bikini.  The recovery is 3-4 weeks, no restrictions after 6 weeks.  So if you are unhappy with your mid-section, come to True Beauty for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Reagan.  See you soon!

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