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360 Lipo San Diego, CA

Most people with stubborn fat have several problem areas they can’t tone or target with exercise and diet changes. 360 Lipo, also called circumferential liposuction, is an advanced liposuction surgery that thins the torso from all angles, accentuating the curves of the hips and buttocks. This liposuction technique trims the abdomen, waist, “love handles,” bra rolls, and back simultaneously so men and women can achieve their ideal body shape with a single procedure. Brian Reagan, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified plastic surgeon and renowned specialist, offers 360 Lipo in San Diego.

Am I a Candidate for 360 Lipo?

It can be challenging to lose weight in the midsection for many reasons. Men and women who have failed to meet their goal body shape with diet and exercise may qualify for 360 Lipo. Patients within 30% of their ideal weight with good skin elasticity and muscle tone are often good candidates for circumferential liposuction. 360 Lipo patients should be nonsmokers and physically healthy with no medical conditions or illnesses that may affect recovery.

If you have excess fat in multiple areas around your torso, you could be a good fit for 360 Lipo. However, patients with loose skin may achieve better results with 360 Lipo combined with tummy tuck because liposuction does not remove lax skin and may exacerbate its appearance.

Benefits of 360 Lipo

Circumferential liposuction permanently removes fat from several areas simultaneously so that you can look your best after just one procedure. Some of the benefits of 360 Lipo include:

  • Fat removal tailored to your needs
  • No more “muffin top” or fat bulges around pants
  • Get rid of bra rolls
  • Improve abdominal muscle definition with less fat in the midsection
  • Flatter stomach
  • Improved hip and buttock curves
  • Shapelier waistline
  • Increased confidence

The 360 Lipo approach creates the precise improvement you’re looking for with continuous, all-around body contouring. You can enhance your buttocks and breasts at the same time by incorporating fat grafting to round out areas that have lost volume with aging, childbearing, and weight loss. Combining 360 Lipo with tummy tuck can eliminate loose abdominal skin.

360 Lipo Procedure

Liposuction with the 360-approach requires general anesthesia and employs several techniques to sculpt a svelte figure. Dr. Reagan will discuss the details of your procedure during your consultation and before the surgery to ensure 360 Lipo is customized to your needs.

Dr. Reagan inserts a cannula (small, hollow tube) through a series of small incisions in the treated areas. He moves the cannula back and forth to break up and suction out fatty tissue with a gentle suction device. Fat is carefully removed from the torso to produce smooth and proportionate results. He may start on the abdomen and then rotate the body to access other areas, such as the hips, flanks, and back. The tiny incisions are closed with sutures.

360 Lipo Recovery

After 360 Lipo, you will wear a compression garment that supports your new body shape and helps your tissues heal. Make sure you wear this recovery item as directed, typically 24/7 for the first week and then at night for two weeks. You will have some swelling, bruising, and soreness, and you can manage your discomfort with oral pain medicines that are prescribed or available over the counter.

Rest as much as possible after 360 Lipo and take one to two weeks off work and activities like exercise. Brief walks are encouraged, but wait until Dr. Reagan clears you for light-impact and high-impact exercise.

Liposuction recovery is the perfect time to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. Prepare and freeze nutritious meals before 360 Lipo, making you less inclined to order high-calorie takeout or fast food. Unhealthy behaviors have a negative impact on liposuction results. While the removed fat is gone for good, the remaining fat cells can expand with poor lifestyle choices.

360 Lipo Results

You will notice a slimmer, flatter contour right after 360 Lipo. Typically, patients enjoy their 360 Lipo results within three months of their procedures, though most of the swelling is gone within three to four weeks. 360 Lipo results are long-lasting if you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

If you’re interested in circumferential liposuction or 360 Lipo, contact Dr. Brian Reagan in San Diego, California. Schedule a consultation at True Beauty Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine by calling (858) 454-7546 or filling out our online contact form.