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I typically reconstruct the breast using an expander placed under the muscle at the time of mastectomy. A permanent implant is exchanged at a later date. In some patients, I can place teh implant immediately (one-stage reconstruction). Latissmus Dorsi and TRAM flaps are utilized occasionally. – Dr. Reagan

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Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Reagan has been involved with Breast Reconstruction for Cancer for over 14 years.  He works closely with other surgeons to provide the ultimate goal of any breast cancer reconstruction approach:  to safely remove the cancerous tissue and to reconstruct the tissues to a satisfactory result.  Standards are met when the patient ultimately has breast symmetry of shape and size, that is, “2 breasts that look like breasts and look like each other”.    There exists no one way to the achieve these goals.  The approach needs to be tailored for each patient taking into consideration properties of the tumor (ie need for radiation) as well as the patient (quality/quantity of soft tissue). Approaches include Alloplastic (expanders/implants), Autogenous (self tissue), and a combination of both.


If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and need reconstruction, or you have concerns regarding your reconstruction results, please call Dr. Reagan to schedule a consultation at True Beauty, San Diego Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.


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  • Procedure: Reconstructing breast after mastectomy for cancer.
  • Length: 2 to 4 hours.
  • Anesthesia: >General.
  • In/Outpatient: >Inpatient.
  • Risks: Delayed healing of skin.
  • Recovery: 2-3 weeks.