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Eyelid Surgery
San Diego & La Jolla

Are heavy, droopy eyelids or bags underneath your eyes making you appear older or more tired than you really are? Let Dr. Brian Reagan gently turn back the clock with blepharoplasty (a.k.a., eyelid surgery). Upper and lower eyelid surgery are intended to eliminate excess skin and fat for smoother and firmer lids. With just a few subtle tweaks, Dr. Reagan can brighten up your eyes, giving your entire face a youthful and vibrant expression.

Types of Blepharoplasty

Patients frequently present with the complaint that they look “tired”. Often this is the result of excess skin and fat around the eyes. This can be corrected with an Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty involves removal of skin and fat through incisions that are easily hidden. With an Upper Bleph, the incision is hidden in the Supratarsal Crease which is located 4-5 mm above the lash line. With an Asian Blepharoplasty, it is often necessary to create a supratarsal crease. With a Lower Bleph, the fat is either removed from within the eyelid (Transconjuctival Approach) or from an external approach (Subcilliary Approach). Extra skin from the lower eyelid is removed with a Subcilliary Incision. Laser tightening alone may be sufficient to correct minimal skin laxity of the lower lid.

“Dr. Reagan and his staff are very committed to putting each patient first. They are very attentive to an individual’s needs and to ensuring the patient is comfortable. I have had 2 procedures completed by Dr. Reagan so far and am extremely happy with my results. He has taken the time to explain everything about each procedure beforehand and is always readily available to answer and questions or concerns after. I would highly recommend Dr. Reagan and his staff to anyone.”

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Eyelid Surgery in San Diego

What Can Eyelid Surgery Treat?

Has the passage of time robbed your eyes of their once youthful and energetic appearance? If so, you are not alone. The eyelids are one of the most common areas of concern among individuals who wish to look younger and more beautiful. While skin care products and non-surgical cosmetic treatments may work for a while, they cannot produce the long-lasting effects that eyelid surgery can. Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery corrects droopy upper eyelids, puffy under-eye bags and lines on the lower eyelids. When carefully planned and performed by a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon, eyelid surgery can turn tired, aged eyes into bright and energetic ones. And the effects of eyelid surgery are not limited to just the eyes. Following the procedure, your entire facial appearance will look younger and brighter.

Let True Beauty San Diego Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine help you feel like your true self again. With years of experience, our La Jolla plastic surgery practice has helped patients transform the way they look and feel.

Are You a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

You may be a suitable candidate for eyelid surgery if you have:

  • Excess skin that hangs over the upper eyelids, even to the point that it impairs vision
  • Weakened eyelid muscles that cause drooping
  • Displaced fat deposits that cause the lower or upper lids to look puffy
  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the lower eyelids
  • Under-eye bags and dark circles

Procedure Details

Upper Eyelid Surgery

During upper eyelid surgery, tiny incisions will be made in the natural crease lines to avoid visible scarring. Excess fat, skin and tissue are removed as needed. The remaining tissue and fat will be re-sculpted and repositioned to create a lifted, smooth and natural-looking appearance. If necessary, lax muscles will be tightened to restore a clear line of vision.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid surgery is made using incisions made underneath the lower lash line. Fatty deposits are removed and redistributed as needed and the skin on the lower eyelids is pulled taut. Once completed, the incisions will be closed with sutures.

Blepharoplasty Recovery

The initial recovery time for eyelid surgery can range from one to two weeks, depending on your personal healing progress. During this time, you will need to rest with your head elevated as much as possible. Our team will provide you with a detailed list of instructions for you to follow during your recovery. We will also meet with you for follow-up appointments regularly to ensure you are healing safely and quickly.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian Reagan in La Jolla and San Diego

Brian Reagan, MD, FACS

Dr. Brian Reagan is a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of True Beauty San Diego Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine. Dr. Reagan is renowned for his surgical skills and commitment to patient satisfaction. Dr. Reagan has been featured on local media outlets, including ABC 10, and recognized as one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in San Diego” by San Diego Magazine, and “Best Plastic Surgeons in La Jolla” by La Jolla Light Newspaper.

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Blepharoplasty FAQs

Can eyelid surgery be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures?

Yes, eyelid surgery can be combined with various facial rejuvenation procedures to produce superior results. It is frequently combined with brow lift to address a “hooded” eye appearance worsened by a heavy and sagging brow. Eyelid surgery can also be combined with facelift to simultaneously address signs of aging on the upper, middle and lower regions of the face. In some cases, combining eyelid surgery with rhinoplasty can enhance facial harmony. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers and Botox can also be used to complement the results of eyelid surgery.

Dr. Reagan will explore all options with you and help you select the treatment plan that achieves the best results

How long before blepharoplasty final results are seen?

The initial results of eyelid surgery will be apparent once the majority of swelling and bruising have subsided (typically one to two weeks after surgery). However, it can take up to a year for residual swelling to dissipate and the final results of the procedure to become visible.

How long will my blepharoplasty results last?

The results of eyelid surgery can last for many years. Living a healthy lifestyle, not smoking, using the right skin care products and using sun protection can prolong the results of eyelid surgery.

Will blepharoplasty scars be visible?

Dr. Reagan plans the incisions for eyelid surgery carefully to minimize the amount of post-operative scarring. Typically, upper eyelid incisions are made in the natural crease of the eyelid while the incisions for the lower eyelids are made just below the lower lash line.

What are the side effects and potential risks associated with eyelid surgery?

Post-operative side effects with eyelid surgery are minor and temporary. They include bruising, swelling and soreness in the treatment areas. Dr. Reagan can prescribe oral pain medication to manage any discomfort you may feel.

Potential risks and complications with eyelid surgery include poor wound healing, dry eye, eye irritation, blood clotting, infection, and excessive scarring. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Reagan will discuss with you all potential risks and complications, as well as what steps he takes to minimize their occurrence.

What is the cost of eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a highly individualized procedure, and thus the cost varies patient to patient. The cost of your eyelid surgery will depend on several factors including whether the upper eyelids or lower eyelids are being treated, the techniques used, and whether another procedure is incorporated into the operation. Generally, the more complex the treatment plan, the higher the cost. Our True Beauty team can provide detailed information about the cost of your procedure during your pre-op consultation.

Will my insurance cover the cost of eyelid surgery?

Your medical insurance may cover a portion or all of the cost of eyelid surgery if the procedure is deemed medical necessary. Eyelid surgery is considered to be medically necessary if it is performed to remove excess upper eyelid skin and fat that hangs below the lash line and interferes with the line of sight. Before covering the cost of upper eyelid surgery, insurance companies require proof of a visual test conducted by an eye doctor. Lower eyelid surgery is not covered by insurance.

Why is it important for a surgeon to take a conservative approach to blepharoplasty?

Because blepharoplasty is meant to last years, it is important that a surgeon be careful not to remove too much skin. If this happens, the resulting side effects may include dry eyes and difficulty completely closing the eyelids.

Dr. Reagan favors a conservative approach, removing an amount that is sufficient to give you a relaxed, optimistic look.

How do I choose between blepharoplasty and brow lift?

When the main concern is loose skin and an accumulation of fat in the upper and lower eyelids, blepharoplasty is often the best choice. If you are satisfied with the shape and placement of your eyebrow, blepharoplasty may be all you need.

Brow lift may be a better choice if your brow is within the eye socket or has lost its natural shape, or if you have a pocket of fat or loose skin that involves more than just the eyelid.

RealSelf Reviews on Dr. Brian Reagan

“I am completely happy with my refreshed looking eyes and repaired chin area. Dr. Reagan and his staff are caring professionals who listened to my concerns and reassured me each step of the way. I have already recommended Dr. Reagan to friends and family who are considering “having something done!” The entire experience was exceptional!”

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What are some of the other alternatives to blepharoplasty?

Dermal fillers are a popular alternative to blepharoplasty. Small injections of products such as Bellafill, Restylane or Juvederm can improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes by smoothing out the skin.

Some patients may also benefit from an advanced technique in which fat from other areas of the body is used to add volume to facial features.

Fillers are an effective way to treat dark circles under the eyes, too. Loss of volume and thinning skin exposes blood vessels under the skin, giving the area a darker appearance. Injecting a dermal filler provides a cushion that compensates for the thinner skin and loss of fat.

Blood vessels and pigment can be directly targeted with laser treatment, as well. Laser is also very effective in treating so-called “crepey” skin under the eyes.

In some cases, Botox or Dysport can be a preferred way to relax muscles that are causing wrinkles and volume displacement near the eyes.

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