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Thigh Lift – Often performed on gastric-bypass patients. The art is excising enough, but not too much. – Dr. Reagan

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Thigh Lift

As with an Arm Lift, significant laxity of the thigh requires excision of skin and subcutaneous fat. The excision is carried out on the inner portion of the thigh and typically courses from groin to inner knee. Liposuction is often performed around the knee. Dr. Reagan feels that a wedge excision of the inner groin is insufficient and will lead to less optimal results. Scars from a thigh lift are treated with scar management to achieve best outcomes.

  • Procedure: Removal of excessive skin/fat of the inner thigh. Incisions created either in groin crease, or down the inner thigh to the knee in cases of significant skin/fat excess.
  • Length: 3 hours.
  • Anesthesia: General.
  • In/Outpatient: Outpatient, sometimes inpatient if combined with other procedures.
  • Effects: Swelling, bruising, numbness.
  • Risks: Dehiscence (opening) of incision, bad scarring.
  • Recovery: Walking at 2 weeks, exercise at 6-8 weeks.