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In instances of significant weight loss, the lateral thighs and posterior buttocks will droop with noticeable tissue laxity. To correct this deformity, a Circumferential or Full Body Lift will be necessary. The incision is carried around the back, meeting in the midline. Positioning the scars low allow maximum direct elevation of the buttock. Clothing should cover the scars, allowing the mid-waist to be exposed. Recovery is slightly more difficult with a Circumferential Body Lift, and a full 3-4 weeks should be allotted.In cases of severe laxity, either a midline or lateral incision will be necessary. Body Lift – Look at photos and examine scar placement.

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  • Procedure: Excision of skin/fat circumferentially around lower trunk.
  • Length: 5 hours.
  • Anesthesia: General.
  • In/Outpatient: Usually inpatient.
  • Side Effects: Swelling, bruising, numbness.
  • Risks: Permanent numbness, asymmetry, residual laxity, seroma or hematoma.
  • Recovery: 3-4 weeks, exercise 6-8 weeks.