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Tubular Breast Correction San Diego, CA

Plastic Surgery in San Diego, CA
tubular breast correction San Diego surgeon

Puberty is a whirlwind of hormones and body changes, but some young women experience insufficient breast growth due to a congenital deformity called tuberous or tubular breasts. This condition prevents the lower portion of the breast tissue from developing, causing puffy, enlarged areolas that stick out from the breast tissue. Women with tuberous breasts may have little tissue between their nipples and the bottom fold or crease of the breast. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in La Jolla offers tubular breast correction, a customized procedure that reduces the areolas and adds volume to achieve a more natural-looking breast shape. 

Causes and Symptoms of Tuberous Breasts 

Tubular breasts have a conical shape instead of the typical round appearance because the connective tissue in the breasts does not form correctly during puberty. Though the cause is unknown, researchers believe hormonal imbalances or genetics may play a role. While tuberous breasts do not pose a health concern, they are a disfiguring problem that affects the self-confidence of many young women, causing stress, anxiety, and depression. The lack of volume in the lower breast can make it difficult to breastfeed future children. 

You may have tubular breasts if your bust has these features:

  • A gap between the breasts that measures over 1.5 inches 
  • A lack of breast volume, especially in the lower pole 
  • Large, puffy areolas
  • A narrow breast base
  • Downward-pointing nipples 
  • Tube-like, triangular, or oval-shaped breasts
  • Uneven breasts 
  • Short distance between the edge of the nipple and the breast crease

Tuberous breasts look different on each woman and may affect one or both breasts. The condition goes by many names, including lower pole hypoplasia, constricted breasts, snoopy breasts, and other terms. Women living with tubular breasts often seek corrective surgery with a plastic surgeon, such as Brian Reagan, M.D., F.A.C.S

Am I a Candidate for Tubular Breast Correction? 

Tubular breast correction is performed on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Reagan will evaluate your breasts and discuss your options during your consultation at True Beauty Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine. Breast implants have age restrictions, so you must be at least 18 for saline implants and 22 for silicone implants. Women with tuberous breasts in good physical health with realistic expectations may qualify for corrective surgery. 

If you have breast constriction, enlarged areolas, or a tube-like breast appearance, you could be a good fit for tubular breast correction. 

Tubular Breast Correction Procedure 

The procedure to correct tuberous breasts is customized to address your specific abnormalities and may involve several techniques. Dr. Reagan may add volume by redistributing the existing breast tissue. He may recommend fat grafting to transfer unwanted fat from a donor location, such as the abdomen, and inject the cells into the breasts to increase the breasts in strategic places, or breast implants may be the preferred option. 

breast surgeon for tuberous breasts in La Jolla

One surgical technique for tubular breast correction creates an incision along the bottom of the areola that extends around the breast. The surgeon forms a new breast crease and a lower glandular flap and inserts an implant. The areolas are reduced to a proportionate size that blends with the newly shaped breast. Severe cases of tuberous breasts may require a two-step technique that places a tissue expander in the breast to create a pocket for the breast implant and then places the implant during a second procedure. 

Tubular breast correction requires a skilled surgeon with experience treating this congenital deformity. Dr. Reagan is a renowned breast surgeon who can deliver results that complement your figure and appear natural.

Recovery and Results from Tubular Breast Correction 

Take one to two weeks off work to focus on resting after tubular breast correction. Follow the recovery instructions provided by Dr. Reagan and call our office to discuss any concerns. Wear your compression bra as directed, and make sure you take your medications on schedule. Ask a loved one to stay with you during the first few days of your recovery to help you move around and ensure you eat well and stay hydrated. 

Tubular breast correction typically requires four to six weeks of activity restrictions, but severe cases may entail a longer recovery. You will see improvements in your breast shape immediately, but full results may take three to six months as the swelling disappears. 

If you struggle with tuberous breasts, contact Dr. Reagan in La Jolla, California, to discuss tubular breast correction. Schedule a consultation at True Beauty Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine by calling (858) 454-7546 or filling out our online contact form.