When Is the Right Time to Get Breast Lift?

Breast Lift San Diego, CA

By on January 14th, 2022

Each year, approximately 100,000 women in the United States undergo breast lift surgery to elevate their breasts. When board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Reagan meets patients for a breast lift consultation, they often express concern that they are either too young or too old to have the procedure.

Here, Dr. Reagan discusses the most common reasons women seek breast lift. He also shares some advice about timing your own breast lift.

After Having a Baby

The breasts go through many changes during and after pregnancy. They first expand in size to accommodate breastfeeding. Once nursing is complete and the breasts no longer contain milk, they may shrink. Following these changes, women often discover that their breasts droop and appear less full. Breast lift surgery is popular among new mothers for restoring breasts to their former position.

When the Nipples Lose Their Projection

Nipples that poke outward are considered young and perky. Unfortunately, factors like aging and gravity can gradually push the nipples downward. While breast lift’s primary focus is to reposition the breast tissue, the surgery has the added benefit of adjusting the placement and projection of the nipple to achieve a youthful, attractive appearance.

Throughout Menopause

Around the point when menopause starts, the female body naturally slows down estrogen production. Because estrogen plays an essential part in maintaining firm skin, breast skin becomes thinner and laxer during menopause. Consequently, breast ptosis (or sagging) occurs, with the density of the breast settling below the nipple. Breast lift elevates the breasts higher on the chest in spite of lower amounts of estrogen or elastin in the skin.

Anytime You’re Ready for It

If you are waiting for a specific, ideal time to get breast lift, that does not exist. Breast lift is a cosmetic surgery designed to improve the appearance of the breasts and your own satisfaction with them. If you feel you want the surgery, then that is a good time to visit a plastic surgeon to discuss breast lift.

The results of breast lift typically last about a decade before the aging process leads to more sagging. The good news is that you can choose to repeat the surgery down the road so long as you remain a good candidate for the procedure. Women who have the surgery younger are not forfeiting the ability to rejuvenate the breasts later.

Dr. Reagan’s patients have lauded his superior breast lift technique and ability to create attractive, natural-looking results. To schedule a consultation at True Beauty San Diego Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine, please call (858) 454-7546 today.