Reasons Women Choose Breast Revision Surgery

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By on March 13th, 2022

Hundreds of thousands of women in the United States have breast augmentation each year. Patient satisfaction surveys show that almost all these women are happy they had the surgery. Nevertheless, there is always a small percentage of exceptions.

Fortunately, women who are not completely satisfied with their breast implants are not stuck with them. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Reagan can perform breast revision surgery on patients who wish to remove and replace or simply remove their breast implants. He treats many patients who want a better surgical outcome than what their previous doctor accomplished. Here, he shares some of the top 6 reasons women are decide  to have breast revision surgery:

1. Wanting a Different Implant Size

A good surgeon works with each patient ahead of breast augmentation surgery to determine the precise size and shape she wants. However, like so many things in life, preferences can change. A woman who had breast augmentation in her 20s may decide that she wishes her breasts were bigger or smaller by the time she’s 30. Breast revision is an effective solution for making adjustments that provide patients with more thorough satisfaction.

2. Capsular Contracture

Before placing an implant, a plastic surgeon must remove a pocket of breast tissue to make room for the implant. With time, scar tissue forms around the implant. In some cases, the scar tissue squeezes the implant too tightly, changing its intended shape. This is known as capsular contracture. Patients with capsular contracture may want revision to address discomfort and ensure the breasts look more natural.

3. Weight Fluctuation

Patients usually choose implants that are in proportion to their breast size at the time of surgery. However, if they gain or lose weight in the future, that implant size may not look best on their new bodies. This especially includes women who lose significant breast volume, which can alter the contours achieved with breast augmentation. 

4. Implant Shifting

If a surgeon creates a pocket that is too big for the implant size, the implant may drift out of place, which can make the breasts look asymmetrical. With breast revision, Dr. Reagan can suture the pocket so that it holds the implant perfectly in place.

5. Implant Wrinkling

Some implants can develop a rippled texture, which is especially problematic when it can be spotted through the skin. Rippling is most common among women who have saline implants or small, less elastic breasts. Breast revision allows Dr. Reagan to correct these issues.

6. Implant Rupture

Ruptures are rarer than many would believe, but they are not impossible. When a saline implant breaks, patients can usually tell quickly because the breast appears more deflated. Luckily, saline can be safely absorbed by the body with no health repercussions. Silicone implant ruptures may pose more serious risks, which is why it is critical to remove a ruptured silicone implant as soon as it is discovered.

Discuss Breast Revision with an Expert Surgeon

As an elite breast specialist, Dr. Reagan is often the first choice among women in San Diego seeking breast revision surgery. Whether you would like to replace your implants or remove them altogether, Dr. Reagan has the technique to ensure your breasts look attractive and natural when all is said and done. To make an appointment, please call (858) 454-7546.