How Dr. Reagan Makes Tummy Tuck Recovery More Comfortable

By on December 21st, 2020

Rapid Recovery Tummy Tuck San DiegoYears ago, the recovery from tummy tuck was long, arduous and painful. Patients found themselves unable to stand up straight and move around comfortably for weeks at a time. Most had to rely on heavy narcotic pain medications to simply tolerate recovery.

But plastic surgeons have discovered new ways to perform tummy tuck that make the recovery experience easier. At True Beauty, Dr. Brian Reagan offers the “Rapid Recovery Tummy Tuck” technique, which offers outstanding results with a quicker, more comfortable recovery. Thanks to Dr. Reagan’s innovative approach, patients are able to get up and walk right after surgery and stop taking narcotic pain medication after only a few days.

Read on to learn more about the Rapid Recovery Tummy Tuck with Dr. Reagan.

No Drains

The first way Dr. Reagan optimizes tummy tuck recovery is by discontinuing the use of drains. Historically, drains have been used during recovery to collect fluid between the skin and healing tissues, and to prevent complications like seromas (fluid build-up). The drains are secured to the underside of the skin with plastic tubing, and patients must measure fluid output for up to 14 days after surgery. However, drains are messy, painful and cumbersome. They make it hard for patients to move around or shower after surgery, and it is difficult to conceal the drains and tubing under clothing.

Without drains, Dr. Reagan’s patients are able to get up and move around sooner after tummy tuck. Not being tethered to drains makes it easier to resume normal activities, like showering, quickly after surgery.

Progressive Tension Sutures

The second way Dr. Reagan has changed the way his tummy tuck patients recover is by using progressive tension sutures, which are internal sutures that attach the abdominal skin to the underlying tissue. This approach leaves minimal areas where fluid can accumulate.

In the past, when patients would try to stand up after surgery, they would feel painful tension on their incision. This painful pull caused many tummy tuck patients to walk hunched or stooped-over for weeks at a time.

With internal progressive tension sutures, patients no longer feel a pull on their incision when standing up straight or taking a big breath. This is vital during recovery, and plays a big part in helping patients get off narcotic pain medications — which cause nausea and constipation — sooner.

Learn More About Tummy Tuck Recovery

If you are considering tummy tuck, Dr. Reagan would be happy to discuss his approach in more detail during a consultation. To request a consultation, please call or email our office today.