Things to Avoid Right after Facelift

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By on September 20th, 2021

Dr. Brian Reagan is known throughout San Diego and La Jolla as a top surgeon for facelift. While his superior surgical technique is largely responsible for the natural-looking results his patient enjoy, patients should be aware that their commitment to their aftercare instructions can also influence their results. To help ensure that you experience an optimal recovery without significant scarring or swelling, Dr. Reagan has provided this brief list of things to avoid after facelift surgery.      


You may be tempted to conceal your bruising and swelling with makeup, but it is best to keep your face free of cosmetics for seven to 10 days. That is because makeup can easily enter your healing incisions and increase the risk of infection. Once the incisions have healed more completely, then you can resume putting makeup on your face.

Hair Dye

For similar reasons, you should avoid coloring or bleaching your hair for two to four weeks. The incisions that Dr. Reagan hide along your hairline are especially vulnerable to chemicals that you might use to treat your hair. To avoid complications, it is wise leave your gray hairs or roots as-is for a short time.  

Processed and Unhealthy Foods

You may crave certain comfort foods during your recovery period, but be wary of what you consume. Your body needs nutrients to heal, so it is important that you focus on consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Foods with a high sodium content will cause you to retain fluids and exacerbate swelling, while sugary foods may trigger inflammation.

Strenuous Exercise

During facelift recovery, your ailing body will benefit from relaxation and sleep more so than exercise. While walks are always okay, wait a few weeks before doing any activities that will make you sweat, including lifting objects over 10 pounds. It is especially important to avoid exercises that move the neck and head, as they may disrupt healing. 

The Sun

Sun exposure increases your risk for complications in the weeks immediately following facelift. UV rays make healing tissues more susceptible to scarring and swelling, and the heat emitted by the sun can cause inflammation. Because sun exposure is largely responsible for the signs of aging that appear on the skin, it is advisable to stay out of the sun as much as possible well after you have recovered. By wearing sunscreen when you are out in the sun, your face will remain protected and your facelift results should last longer.

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Dr. Reagan understands that an informed patient is a happy patient. If you have any questions about facelift or recovering from plastic surgery, please schedule a consultation at True beauty San Diego Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine (858) 454-7546.